TROPhées des cols

Order your metal plates commemorating
the world’s greatest mountain passes.

The company Trophées des Cols, makes individual metal plates commemorating the world’s greatest mountain passes. Recognise and reward your efforts with a small plaque of the most mythical and prestigious cols, which have been climbed by the greatest cyclists in events such as the Tour de France, the Giro or the Vuelta.

 We have designed a trophy for each col, which have details unique to each one. On most of the trophies, you will find one or more animals typical for the area and which you might have the chance to see during your ascent. All of our trophies are designed and made at the foot of Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse, Provence.

 Each plaque is the perfect reminder of your climb to the col. Many different cols are available for France, Switzerland and Italy with more to be made available in the future. Our exclusive trophies represent many famous passes above 1500 metres. All this to guarantee great memories.

 Join Jack, our courageous, but fictitious, cyclist in the discovery of new passes.

Made in Vaucluse

All trophies are designed and manufactured at the foot of the famous Mt Ventoux in Provence.

The Most Mythical Passes

Discover the most mythical and prestigious passes, climbed by the cycling greats !

Each Trophy is Unique

These trophies are specific to each col to guarantee great memories.



Take care though as the addiction to Trophées des Cols can be dangerous although the climb to reach their peaks is good for your health.